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Equipment and Tools

We use a variety of technical tools and equipment to verify any evidence and spooky events that might happen on an investigation.  We work with a very gifted psychic medium, Jacqui Geary, but we are each responsible for recording sounds and video of all events in the locations we investigate.

It takes a whole team to adequately cover a property.

Voice Recorders
probably the most important tool
we use and the most affordable.
Infra Red Video Camcorder
to capture shadows, lights, interactions.
Mel Meter
detects a range of electromagnetic & temperature changes.
K2-EMF Detector
responds to EMF
fluctuations & spikes
Voice Recorders Infra Red Video Camcorder

Mel Meter

K2-EMF Detector

Rechargeable IR
Night Light
(1 example)
for camcorders and digital cameras
Headgear Lamp
hands free emergency light with red lights to keep night vision intact.
Spirit Box
scans the FM band & AM band along with a unique high frequency noise, where spirit voices seemingly are able to form words.
Rem Pod (radiating electro magneticity)
Antenna detects energy disturbances & fluctuations and uses colored lights and tones to alert of field disturbances.
Rechargeable IR 
Night Light Headgear Lamp spirit box Rem Pod (radiating electro magneticity)

Laser Grid Pen
emits a grid of red or green dots useful for detecting shadows or general visual disturbances during an investigation.

is a popular method of attempting to communicate with spirits when on a ghost hunting investigation.
Ghost Radar
Smart phone app that appears to register energy and eerily accurate words.

Laser Grid Pen for ghost hunting Pendulum for ghost hunting Ghost Radar